Buy Local Currituck Winners Announced for Second Quarter 2013

June 24 , 2013

The Buy Local Currituck Campaign is pleased to announce the 2013 second quarter winners in the Buy Local Currituck contest.  Thanks to the support and generous donations from Currituck businesses, the Buy Local Currituck campaign is a huge success with more participation and enthusiasm than ever.     The second quarter drawing was held during […]

Local Farmer’s Markets Provide Numerous Benefits

May 17 , 2013

 Fresh fruits and vegetables are important components of a proper diet. From improving your health and the environment to supporting your local economy and community, local farmer’s markets are vital for communities. Local farmer’s markets are located throughout Currituck County. They include the Morris Farm Market, the Grandy Greenhouse & Farm Market, and the Seaside […]

Wild Horse Adventure Tours

May 7 , 2013

 Currituck County has a ton of variety when it comes to things for visitors and its residents to do and see. There are funky shops, delectable eateries, beautiful wineries, parks, breweries and more. However, if you’re looking to find the more adventurous and wild side of Currituck County, we’ve got you covered as well! Located […]

Southland Trade: A Currituck County Business that has it All

May 1 , 2013

 We love being able to rave about our special local Currituck County businesses. One of our most popular businesses among tourists and locals, Southland Trade, was established years ago in 1972. Their combined gift shop, restaurant and tobacco shop have all been considered a landmark in the Northeaster North Carolina area. Located in Moyock, North […]

Competition Becomes Fierce with Currituck County’s Buy Local Bag Contest

April 16 , 2013

If you haven’t heard the news already, we kicked off our Buy Local Bag Contest two weeks ago on Tuesday the 2nd. Today, we’re thrilled to be announcing the contest clues for our second local Currituck County business. But first, we want to take a minute to congratulate the winners from the last contest! Our […]

Kilmarlic Golf Club Ranks on Golfweek’s 2013 “Best Courses That You Can Play

April 11 , 2013

 The beloved barrier islands of the Outer Banks are known mostly for their pristine beaches, water sports and family-friendly activities. Recently, however, a golf course here in Currituck County has been turning heads in the golfing community. The Kilmarlic Golf Club in Powell’s Point earned the No. 14 spot among Golfweek’s 2013 “Best Courses That […]

Why Buy Local? Peter Bishop, Currituck Economic Director, Gives Buy Local Exclusive Interview on Why it’s so Important to Buy Local

March 20 , 2013

 Q: Why did you think it was so important to start the Buy Local campaign in the area? A: Well, Currituck has a very unique geography and population density. A lot of our density is in Corolla and towards the northern and southern part of the county which leads to folks spending their money often […]

Exclusive Buy Local Interview with Josh Bass

March 13 , 2013

 The 12th Annual Currituck Business Expo and Job Fair took place recently. On that Saturday, at Currituck County High school, tons of local businesses and community members came out to show their support for the County. There was an overall feeling amongst the crowd of positive energy, respect and community support. While there, we were […]

More Reasons to Buy Local

February 25 , 2013

 We know you’ve seen the flyer and the billboards. We know you’ve seen the advertisements and you’ve heard the talk. There is no doubt about it: Buying local is important! Let’s be realistic, though. We know it’s not always possible to buy local, sometimes the products or services you need are just not available to […]

Sanctuary Vineyards: Supporting the Community One Bottle at a Time

February 22 , 2013

 Local businesses like Sanctuary Vineyards keep our community unique and close to our hearts. These resident businesses contribute to the distinctive, one-of-a-kind feel of the Outer Banks that we’ve all come to love and cherish.  Although there are countless reasons to buy local, Sanctuary Vineyards is the perfect example of one reason in particular: Smaller […]