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June 23 , 2015

Shops to Visit in Mainland Currituck County

Mainland shopping and buying local in Currituck County are great activities if you are residing or visiting here, especially during the summer. There are many unique shops to visit for items ranging from fruits and vegetables to gardening essentials and beach decorations for your home. If you buy local Currituck products, there are many benefits. […]

June 8 , 2015

Pick-Your-Own Produce in Currituck County

As you visit and drive through Currituck County, you can see fields of farmland and fresh produce. Currituck County is a great place to buy and pick your own local ingredients from farms and farmers’ markets. Picking fresh produce from our local farms is a great activity whether you are a resident or are a […]

May 26 , 2015

McHorney’s Odditorium, a Juxtaposition of Past and Present Worth Visiting

A man swallows fire. A woman swallows a sword. The crowd stares. A wounded Confederate soldier is taken in, cared for and hidden from Union troops. A taxidermied opossum stands on its hind legs wearing a top hat, bow-tie and a key around its neck as other oddities and skull-heavy creations are scattered about the […]

May 8 , 2015

Top 10 Ways You Know You’re in Currituck County

Whether you’re new to Currituck County or have lived here all your life, there are a few sure signs that you’ve made it to your destination or your home. There are special things about every place, but we think Currituck Offers the perfect balance of locally-run amenities and natural forms of entertainment. You know you’re […]

April 23 , 2015

Currituck County Pit Stops on Your Way to the Beach

Welcome to Currituck County! After crossing into North Carolina from Virginia along the Caratoke Highway, stop in at the Currituck County Welcome Center to stretch your legs, look around, and talk with one of the knowledgeable and friendly staff to learn about upcoming activities and events. Need a suggestion for a rainy day or need […]